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The Architect’s Library: Notable Books on Architectural Themes in the Vassar College Library

The Art Library

North Side – Pattern Books From The 19th Century

  • Barnard, Henry.School Architecture. New York: Charles B. Norton, 1854.
  • Bullock, John.The American Cottage Builder: A Series of Designs, Plans, and Specifications, from $200 to $20,000; For Homes for the People. New York: Stringer and Townsend, 1854.
  • Fowler, O. S.A Home for All; or, The Gravel Wall and Octagon Mode of Building. New York: Fowler and Wells, 1853.
  • Woodward, George E., and Edward G. Thompson.Woodward’s National Architect: Containing . . . Original Designs, Plans, and Details, to Working Scale, for the Practical Construction of Dwelling Houses for the Country, Suburb, and Village. New York: G. E. Woodward, 1869.

West Side – Le Corbusier

  • Le Corbusier.Aircraft. London: Studio, 1935.
  • ———. L’art décoratif d’aujourd’hui. Paris: G. Crès, 1927.
  • ———. Le Corbusier und Pierre Jeanneret ihr gesamtes Werk von 1910–1929. . . . Zurich: H. Girsberger, 1930.
  • ———. Une maison–un palais. “A la recherche d’une unité architecturale.” Paris: G. Crès, 1929.
  • Quand les cathédrales étaient blanches: Voyage au pays des timides. Paris: Librairie Plon, 1937.
  • ———. Urbanisme. Paris: G. Crès, 1924.
  • Museum Of Modern Art. Le Corbusier: Exhibition Arranged by the Department of Architecture of the Museum of Modern Art. New York: Department of Architecture of the Museum of Modern Art, 1937.

East Side – Modernism

  • Gropius, Walter.Internationale Architektur. ———. Bauhausbauten Dessau. Munich: Albert Langen, 1925.
  • Mendelsohn, Erich.Amerika: Bilderbuch eines Architekten. Berlin: Rudolf Mosse, 1926.
  • Museum Of Modern Art.Architecture and Furniture: Aalto. New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1938.
  • ———. Brazil Builds: Architecture New and Old, 1651–1942. By Philip Goodwin. New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1943.
  • ———. Early Modern Architecture, Chicago, 1870– 1920: Catalogue of an Exhibition Held at the Museum of Modern Art, from January 18 to February 23, 1933. New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1940.
  • ———. Modern Architects. By Alfred H. Barr Jr., Henry-Russell Hitchcock, Philip Johnson, and Lewis Mumford. New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1932.
  • ———. What Is Modern Architecture? New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1942.
  • NÄsstrÖm, Gustaf.Svensk funktionalism. Stock- holm: Natur och kultur, 1930.

South Side – The End Of The Architecture Book?

  • Architectural Review. London: Architectural Press, v. 117-118, 1955.
  • Five Architects: Eisenman, Graves, Gwathmey, Hejduk, Meier. New York: Wittenborn, 1972.
  • Koolhaas, RemandBruce Mau.S,M,L,XL. New York: Monacelli Press, 1995.
  • Rudofsky, Bernard.Architecture Without Architects: A Short Introduction to Non-pedigreed Architecture. New York: Doubleday, 1964.
  • Venturi, Robert.Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture. New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1966.