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Guide to the Priscilla Robertson Papers, 1889-2000

Table of Contents

Collection Summary

Repository: Archives and Special Collections Library, Vassar College Libraries
Creator: Robertson, Priscilla Smith
Title: Priscilla Robertson Papers,
Dates: 1889-2000
Quantity: 35 boxes (15 cubic feet)
Abstract: Personal, family, teaching and research materials of the author, professor, historian and former chairwoman of the Kentucky Civil Liberties Union.
Forms of Materials: correspondence, publications, diaries, teaching materials, and research materials

Biographical Note

Born in Paris, Priscilla Smith Robertson (VC 1930) was a former chairwoman of the Kentucky Civil Liberties Union, professor and historian. Robertson served as editor of the Humanist magazine, taught history at the Old Ballard School, Indiana University, Harvard University, Kentucky Southern College and the Louisville School of Art in Anchorage.

Robertson's work includes The Revolutions of 1848: A Social History, published 1952, and An Experience of Women: Pattern and Change in 19th Century Europe, published in 1982. She did considerable work with the Southern poor in the 1930s, for which she was honored by the Southern Historical Institution in Lexington two weeks prior to her death. Robertson died 26 Nov 1989.

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Scope and Content Note

The Priscilla Robertson Papers contain correspondence, teaching and research materials, diaries and family biographical materials of the author, historian and former chairwoman of the Kentucky Civil Liberties Union.

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Access and Use


This collection is open for research according to the regulations of the Vassar College Archives and Special Collections Librarywithout any additional restrictions.

Restrictions on Use

Permission to quote (publish) from unpublished or previously published material must be obtained as described in the regulations of the Vassar College Archives and Special Collections Library.

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Subject Headings


  • Agee, James, 1909-1955
  • Broadus, Eliza
  • Guild, Aaron
  • Kendall family
  • Macneale family
  • Macneale, Anna
  • Macneale, Neil
  • Plimpton family
  • Plimpton, George
  • Robertson, Ella Broadus, 1872-1945
  • Smith family
  • Smith, Winifred


  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky


  • Civil rights--Kentucky
  • Sharecropping--Arkansas
  • Women authors
  • Women historians
  • Women periodical editors


  • Southern States--History--20th century

Document Types:

  • diaries


  • The Humanist

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Encoding Information

Finding aid encoded by Jason Kovari, 19 Mar 2009.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Priscilla Robertson Papers, Archives and Special Collections Library, Vassar College Libraries.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Archives and Special Collections Library staff.


No further accruals are expected to this collection.

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Series List

Series I. Humanist Materials (Boxes 1-14)

Includes mostly editorial correspondence

Series II. KCLU (American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky) Materials (Boxes 15-17)

Series III.Personal Correspondence (Boxes 17-26, 32-35)

Series IV.Diaries, 1890-1922 (Boxes 32-33)

Series V.Writings (Boxes 27, 34-35)

Series VI.Teaching Materials (Boxes 28-31)

Series VII.Personal Materials (Box 31)

Series VIII.Miscellaneous Materials (Boxes 29-31)

Series IX.Biography (Boxes 32-35)

Container List

SERIES I. Humanist Materials

Humanist Editorial Correspondence
Box 1 A-F
Box 2 Friedmann-Hook
Boxes 2-4 Huber, 1956-1958
Box 4 I-J
Box 5 Jones-LaBarre
Box 6 Lamont-Lockwood
Box 7 M-Overstreet
Box 8 P-Wilson
Box 12 Smith-Wechsler
Box 13 Wescott-S
Box 14 Sanders- Smith, W.A.
Humanist Miscellaneous Materials
Box 9 Humanist Controversy and aftermath
Boxes 10-12 Humanist : Old office materials
Includes staff report, policy, budget

SERIES II. KCLU (American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky) Materials

KCLU (American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky) Materials

Boxes 15-16 KCLU Materials
Box 17 KCLU Materials; Service boards

SERIES III. Personal Correspondence 1950-2000

Box 17 A-B
Box 18 Bendit-Brinton
Box 19 Bruun-G
Box 20 H-K
Box 21 Kendall-Lockwood
Box 22 Luscky-McKay
Box 23 N-Plimpton
Box 24 R-Taylor
Box 25 Tatlock-Webber
Box 26 Weismann-Wolcott
Boxes 34-35 Postcards to Winifred Smith
Boxes 32-33 Mother's letters to Winifred, 1889

SERIES IV. Diaries, 1890-1922

Boxes 32-33 H.K.S.-Travel in Europe, 1903
Boxes 32-33 H.K.S.-Diary, 1910-1911
Boxes 32-33 A.M.S. diary, 1922
Boxes 32-33 Winifred Smith diary, 1890
Boxes 32-33 W.S. diary, 1892

SERIES V. Writings

Revolutions of 1848
Box 27 Letters
Box 27 Publishing
Box 27 Princeton Publishing
Box 27 Reviews
An Experience of Women: Pattern and Change in 19th century Europe
Box 27 Advertising
Box 27 Copy Editing
Box 27 Drennan, J.
Box 27 Italian Library
Box 27 Letters
Box 27 Literary Agent
Box 27 Pre-Publication Letters
Box 27 Readers' Report
Box 27 Rejections
Box 27 Rettig, C.
Box 27 Reviews
Box 27 Sources
Box 27 Statistics-Append.
Box 27 Temple Publisher
History of Childhood
Box 27 History of Childhood
Box 27 Bulletins
Box 27 Reviews
Box 27 Lewis Farm
Box 27 Buen
Box 27 C.J. Reviews
Box 27 Harper's
Box 27 Harper's Commentary
Box 27 Harper's Housekeeping
Box 27 Harper's Letters to Editors
Box 27 Harper's Publishing
Box 27 Kentucky Constitution
Box 27 My Great-Grandmothers Were Happy
Box 27 Progressive Reviews
Box 27 Published Articles
Box 27 Sex
Box 27 South Today
Box 27 Student Barricades
Box 27 Values
Box 27 A.H.A. Talks
Box 27 Fiction Stories
Box 27 P. R. Talks
Box 27 Unpublished (General)
Sharecropper Materials
Box 27 1938 Student Group-Arkansas
Box 27 Addresses and Letters
Box 27 Agee, James
Box 27 Arkansas Lawrences
Box 27 Arkansas Sharecropper
Box 27 Boyle
Box 27 Butler
Box 27 Florida Lawrences
Box 27 Louise's Letters
Box 27 Louise's Text
Box 27 Memphis Convention
Box 27 Missouri Highway
Box 27 Mitchell
Box 27 Mitchell's Film
Box 27 Myrtle
Box 27 P.R. Work in Arkansas
Box 27 Political Autobiography
Box 27 Printed Sources
Box 27 Publication - Temple
Box 27 S.T.F.U.
Box 27 Socialist and Communist Fight
Box 27 Publication Efforts
Box 27 Ideas
Box 27 Victorian Studies - Children
Box 27 Sources for Children's Book
Boxes 34-35 Notes for Children's Book: England, France, Germany, Italy
Boxes 34-35 Notes for the History of Civilization

SERIES VI. Teaching Materials

Indiana University
Box 28 History 104, History 359, History 103
Box 28 Notes for Lectures
Box 28 Herodotus and Greece Notes
Box 28 Student Comments
Box 28 Final Exams
KSC (Kentucky Southern College)
Box 28 Tests
Box 28 Letters to art school students
Box 28 Student records
Box 28 Modern Europe

SERIES VII. Personal Materials

Box 31 Priscilla Robertson Personal Materials
Includes: photos, Academy Award, college, public service, passports, childhood expression, travel, dreams, letters

SERIES VIII. Miscellaneous Materials

Box 29 Arts, letters, and social science
Box 29 Poetry
Box 29 Society (Un-American activities, population, religion, peace, the South)
Box 30 Education and Activities
Box 30 Recreation (puzzles, solitaire…)
Box 30 Education (progressive education, Vassar, international conference, Ballard philosophy)
Box 30 Art (photography, costumes)
Box 30 Theater (programs)
Box 30 Language (handwriting, literature, words)

SERIES IX. Biography

Boxes 34-35 Addresses: 1 small file drawer
Smith Family
Boxes 32-33 P.S. - letters, articles, book reviews, photos
Boxes 32-33 H.P.S. - photos, heresy trials, letters, writing
Boxes 32-33 Winifred Smith - photos, teaching, autobiography, letters, writing
Boxes 32-33 Smith ancestors - photos, printed materials
Macneale Family
Boxes 32-33 Anna Macneale
Boxes 32-33 Genealogy
Boxes 32-33 Autobiography-Neil Macneale
Kendall Family
Boxes 32-33 J.P.K.
Boxes 32-33 I.P.K.
Boxes 32-33 H.P.K.
Boxes 32-33 Kendall ancestors
Boxes 32-33 E.W.K.
Plimpton Family
Boxes 32-33 George A. Plimpton
Boxes 32-33 E. Plimpton
Boxes 32-33 Plimpton genealogy
Boxes 32-33 Aaron Guild
Boxes 32-33 Plimpton photos
Miscellaneous ancestors
Boxes 32-33 Humphrey
Boxes 32-33 H.K.S.
Boxes 32-33 E.R.E.
Boxes 32-33 Ella B. Robertson
Boxes 32-33 Robertson ancestors
Boxes 32-33 E.B.R. writing
Boxes 32-33 Robertson ancestors -photos
Boxes 32-33 Cary's siblings
Boxes 32-33 Miss Lottie letters
Boxes 32-33 A.T.R. Jr.
Boxes 32-33 Easley letters
Boxes 32-33 Eliza Broadus

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