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Guide to the Elizabeth Eisenstein Papers, circa 1938-2015

Table of Contents

Collection Summary

Repository: Archives and Special Collections Library, Vassar College Libraries
Creator: Eisenstein, Elizabeth L., 1923-2016
Title: Elizabeth L. Eisenstein Papers
Dates: c. 1938-2015
Quantity: 26.5 cubic feet
Abstract: Includes correspondence, manuscripts and typescripts, research and writing notes, contracts and financial statements, academic administrative papers, syllabi and teaching notes, programs and other conference materials; subject files; and scholarly papers by professional colleagues. Files also hold a wide variety of printed materials related to Eisenstein's scholarly interests. The collection also includes datebooks and a small amount of realia.

Biographical Note

Elizabeth Lewisohn Eisenstein (1923-2016) was a scholar of early-modern France and the history of printing. Born in New York City, she attended the Lincoln School and Vassar College, from which she graduated in the Class of 1945-44. She earned her Ph.D. in history from Radcliffe College in 1953. From 1959 to 1974 she taught as an adjunct professor at American University in Washington, D. C., where she lived for most her life. In 1974 she joined the faculty of the University of Michigan, serving there as the Alice Freeman Palmer Professor of History until her retirement in 1988. In 1979 she was named a resident consultant to the Center for the Book at the Library of Congress. She also served on the board of governors of the Folger Shakespeare Library and taught in its Folger Institute seminar series. A dedicated and influential scholar, Eisenstein produced numerous monographs, articles, lectures, and book reviews. Her most famous work was The Printing Press as an Agent of Change (1979), a two-volume study that established her as one of the foremost historians of printing in the world. She received several awards and honors for her work, including the 2002 Award for Scholarly Distinction from the American Historical Association and fellowships from the Guggenheim and Rockefeller foundations and the National Endowment for the Humanities. As well as a renowned scholar, Eisenstein was a skilled tennis player who competed internationally in senior tournaments.


Scope and Content Note

The Elizabeth L. Eisenstein Papers documents the life and career of historian Elizabeth Lewisohn Eisenstein. The materials in the collection encompasses personal and professional correspondence, the latter including letters to and from prominent scholars of the early modern period and book history; manuscripts and typescripts of her writings; research and writing notes; contracts and financial statements pertaining to publication; academic administrative papers; syllabi and teaching notes; programs and other conference materials; subject files; scholarly papers by professional colleagues; maps and other travel materials; and a variety of printed material related to her scholarly interests. The collection also includes date books and a small amount of realia. Of particular interest are the correspondence and other materials relating to Eisenstein's debate with the scholar Adrian Johns over Eisenstein's interpretation of the impact of print technology on Western culture.



This collection is open for research according to the regulations of the Vassar College Archives and Special Collections Library without any additional restrictions.

Restrictions on Use

Permission to quote (publish) from unpublished or previously published material must be obtained as described in the regulations of the Vassar College Archives and Special Collections Library. The materials in Series XIV are closed to reasearch due to privacy concerns.

  • The Elizabeth L. Eisenstein Collection on the History of Books and Printing

Subject Headings


  • Darnton, Robert.
  • Davis, Natalie Zemon, 1928-.
  • Hunt, Lynn, 1945-.
  • Johns, Adrian.


  • American University (Washington, D.C.). Department of History.
  • Folger Shakespeare Library.
  • Library of Congress. Center for the Book.
  • University of Michigan. Department of History.


  • Book industries and trade—France—History.
  • France—History—Revolution, 1789-1799.
  • Intellectual life.
  • Journalism—France—History.
  • Printing—History—Europe.
  • Publishers and publishing—France—History.

Document Types:

  • Appointment books.
  • Correspondence.
  • Manuscripts (documents).
  • Typescripts.

Encoding Information

Encoded by Mark Seidl, May-June 2016.


Preferred Citation

Elizabeth L. Eisenstein Papers, Archives and Special Collections Library, Vassar College Libraries.

Processing Information

Processed by Mark Seidl January-May 2018.

Acquisition Information

Bequest of the Eisenstein Family, 2017.


Series List

Series I. Correspondence

This series consists of the bulk of Eisenstein's personal and professional correspondence. Of particular interest is the correspondence with and/or pertaining to prominent scholars such as Robert Darnton, Natalie Zemon Davis, and Lynn Hunt, and Adrian Johns. The series is arranged alphabetically by principal correspondent.

Series II. Writings

This series encompasses Eisenstein's writings from her early high school and undergraduate essays to the autobiographical project she undertook late in life. The series is divided into six subseries: Student Papers, Books, Articles, Book Reviews, Lecture, and Memoir. The first, Student Papers, is arranged chronologically. The remaining subseries are arranged alphabetically by title of the work. The materials include manuscript notes, typescripts (many with Eisenstein's annotations), offprints, and reviews of Eisenstein's books. Many files also contain correspondence pertaining to the work.

Series III. Conference Materials

This series consists of materials pertaining to the many conferences Eisenstein attended. The materials included programs, announcements, copies of papers Eisenstein presented or on which she commented, and some correspondence. Arranged alphabetically by title of conference.

Series IV. Publishing Files

Materials in this series include publisher contracts, royalty statements, and some correspondence with publishers. Arranged alphabetically by publisher.

Series V. Professional Files

This series consists of materials pertaining to Eisenstein's positions in the history departments of American University and the University of Michigan. The materials include departmental memos, meeting agendas, annual reports, and some correspondence with colleagues, department chairs, and other institutional officials. Arranged alphabetically by institution.

Series VI. Awards and Honors

This series consists of awards Eisenstein received for her scholarship, honorary degrees, and others honors. Some files contain correspondence pertaining to the award. Arranged alphabetically by name of award/honor.

Series VII. Teaching Materials

Materials in this series include syllabi, reading lists, and class notes. Some files contain correspondence pertaining to particular courses. Arranged alphabetically by institution.

Series VIII. Organization/Society Materials

This series consists of materials relating to Eisenstein's service with several professional organizations and societies. The materials include memos, meeting agendas, brochures and announcements, and some correspondence pertaining to the business of the organization. Arranged alphabetically by name of organization.

Series IX. Colleagues' Papers

Materials in this series include typescripts of papers sent to Eisenstein for comment (many with her marginal annotations), offprints of articles with authors' inscriptions to Eisenstein, and some correspondence pertaining to the papers. Arranged alphabetically by author of the paper(s).

Series X. Travel Materials

Materials in this series include maps, itineraries, travel documents, tourism literature, and some correspondence pertaining to travel arrangements and related matters. Arranged alphabetically by destination.

Series XI. Subject Files

The files in this series contain materials brought together by Eisenstein and have been retained in their original order. The materials include mainly photocopies and offprints of articles, correspondence, and clippings and other printed materials related to topics of scholarly and personal interest. Arranged alphabetically.

Series XII.Printed Materials

This series consists of photocopies of scholarly articles, newsletters and bulletins, book catalogues, exhibition brochures, magazine and newspaper clippings, and other printed matter. Arranged alphabetically.

Series XIII. Miscellaneous Materials

These materials include hand-written bibliographical references and notes, datebooks, and realia.

Series XIV. Professional Evaluations (restricted)

This series includes the recommendations, teaching and tenure reviews, and other professional evaluations Eisenstein wrote throughout her career. These materials are closed to research due to personal privacy issues.

Container List


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Folders 7.30-34, 8.1-17, 69.13-14 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1966-2013
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Student Papers
f.9.1 Lincoln School, circa 1938-1941
f.9.2-4 Vassar College, 1941-1944
9.5-7 Radcliffe College, 1946
f.9.8, 10.1-8, 11.1-2 Radcliffe College, 1952 [dissertation]
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f.11.6 Class in the French Revolution: a Discussion, 1967
f.11.7 Clio and Chronos, 1966
f.70.1-3 Clio and Chronos, circa 1966
f.11.8 Divine Art/Infernal Machine 1996
f.11.9 The Early Printer as "Renaissance Man," 1981
f.11.10 The Emergence of Print Culture in the West, circa 1980
f.11.11-12 The End of the Book? 1994-1995, circa 1995
f.70.4 Enlightenment Thought and Print Culture, circa 1985
f.11.13 The Fifteenth Century Book Revolution, circa 1980
f.11.14 The Fifteenth Century Media Revolution, 1993
f.11.15 From the Printed Word to the Moving Image, 1978
f.12.1 From the Printed Word to the Moving Image, 1997
f.12.2 Gods, Devils, and Gutenberg, 1998
f.12.3-4 The Gutenberg Galaxy: and Historian's View, 1981-1991, circa 1984
f.12.5 How revolutionary was the Print Revolution?, 2002
f.12.6 The Introduction of Graphic Printing, 1980-1983
f.12.7 The Introduction of Graphic Printing, 1983-1994
f.12.8 L'Invenzione della Stampa, 1981-1982
f.12.9 The Libraire-Philosophe: Four Sketches for a Group Portrait, 1995-1996
f.12.10 The Libraire-Philosophe: Four Sketches for a Group Portrait, 1997
f.12.11 Of Making Many Books, circa 2012
f.12.12 On the Failure of Scholars to Preach What They Practice, circa 1965
f.70.5 On Revolution and the Printed Word, 1982-1985
f.12.13-14 On Revolution and the Printed Word, circa 1983
f.13.1 On Revolution and the Printed Word, circa 1985-1986
f.70.6 On Solving Our Common Culture Problem, 1963
f.13.2 Print Culture, circa 2006-2009
f.13.3-4 Print Culture and Enlightenment Thought, 1985-1986
f.13.5 Printing, 1986
f.13.6 Printing, 2009
f.13.7 Printing: Cultural Impact, 1982-1987
f.13.8 The Publicist and the Demagogue, circa 1989
f.13.9 Rapid Change in Retrospect: Comments on the Recent Acceleration of History Book Time, 1964
f.13.10 Rapid Change in Retrospect: Comments on the Recent Acceleration of History Book Time, 1964-1965
f.13.11 A Reply, 1967
f.13.12 Seeing Images and Hearing Texts, circa 2008
f.14.1 Some Conjectures about the Impact of Printing on Western Society and Thought, 1968
f.14.2 Some Conjectures about the Impact of Printing on Western Society and Thought, 1965-1971 [correspondence relating to]
f.14.3-5 The Tribune of the People: a New Species of Demagogue, circa 1991
f.14.6 An Unacknowledged Revolution Revisited, 2000 [old version]
f.14.7-9 An Unacknowledged Revolution Revisited, 2001-2002
f.14.10 Who Intervened in 1788?, circa 1965
f.14.11 Who Intervened in 1788?, 1965-1971 [correspondence relating to]
f.14.12 Assorted articles, circa 1981-circa 1986
f.15.1 Divine Art, Infernal Machine, circa 2008-2011
f.15.2 Divine Art, Infernal Machine, 2009-2010 [correspondence relating to]
f.15.3-7 Divine Art, Infernal Machine, circa 2010-2011 [images]
f.15.8 Divine Art, Infernal Machine, circa 2006-circa 2009 [notes and clippings]
f.15.9 Divine Art, Infernal Machine, 2005-2011 [publicity]
f.15.10 Divine Art, Infernal Machine, 2009 [readers' reports]
f.15.11 Divine Art, Infernal Machine, circa 2001-circa 2007 [research materials]
f.15.12 Divine Art, Infernal Machine, 2012-2013 [reviews]
f.15.13 Divine Art, Infernal Machine, circa 2010 [summary]
f.15.14 The First Professional Revolutionist: Filippo Michele Buonarroti, 1952-1976
f.15.15 Grub Street Abroad, circa 1993 [images]
f.15.16 Grub Street Abroad, undated [notes]
f.15.17 Grub Street Abroad, 1993-1996 [reviews]
f.16.1 Printers and Publicists in the Age of the Hand Press, 1993 [proposal for essay collection]
f.70.7 The Printing Press as an Agent of Change, circa 1979 [outlines]
f.16.2 The Printing Press as an Agent of Change, 1987 [papers in response to]
f.16.3 The Printing Press as an Agent of Change, 1979-1982 [reviews A-F]
f.16.4 The Printing Press as an Agent of Change, 1979-1982 [reviews G-K]
f.70.8 The Printing Press as an Agent of Change, 1979-1982 [reviews L-Y]
f.16.5 The Printing Press as an Agent of Change, 1993 [review]
f.70.9 The Printing Press as an Agent of Change, 1979-1982 [reviews: duplicates and short reviews]
f.16.6-8 The Printing Revolution in Early Modern Europe, circa 2003
f.16.9-11 The Printing Revolution in Early Modern Europe, 2003 [proofs]
f.17.1 Rapid Change in Retrospect: Essays and Debates, circa 2011-circa 2013
Book Reviews
f.17.2 Books and Sciences in History, 2001
f.17.3 The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain, III, 2001
f.17.4 The Cultural Uses of Print in Early Modern France, circa 1988
f.17.5 The Democractic Movement Under the Directory, 1971
f.17.6 Essays on Manuscripts and Rare Books, 1976
f.17.7 Essays on the Heritage of the Renaissance from Homer to Gutenberg, 1983-1984
f.17.8 The Evolutuion of the Book, 1998
f.17.9 Five Hundred Years of Printing, 1997-1999
f.17.10 France and North America, 1976
f.17.11 La France et la Hongrie au debut de XVIIIe siecle, 1973
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f.17.18 Press and Politics in Pre-Revolutionary France, circa 1988
f.17.19 Print, Manuscript and the Search for Order, circa 2004
f.17.20 Print, Power, and People in Seventeenth Century France, 1994-1995
f.17.21 Printing and the Written Word/Printing, Propaganda, Martin Luther, 1992-1996
f.17.22 Le Reforme et le livre, 1990-1991
f.17.23 Revolutionary France, 1770-1880, 1993-1994
f.17.24 Roland de la Platiere, 1967
f.17.25 Miscellaneous book reviews, circa 1971-circa 2001
f.17.26 Adventures on the Senior Tennis Circuit, 2007
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f.70.10 Encyclopedias in Historical Perspective, 1993
f.70.11 The Expansion of the Republic of Letters and the Rejection of the Ancien regime, circa 1970
f.71.1-2 The Expansion of the Republic of Letters and the Rejection of the Ancien regime, 1970-1971
f.19.7 Extra talks, undated
f.19.8 The Fifteenth Century Media Revolution, 1993
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f.19.10 From a Divine Art to the Printing Machine and Beyond, 2011-2012
f.19.11 From Printed Word to Moving Image, 1997
f.19.12 From Scriptoria to Printing Shops, 1980-1981
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f.19.14 Gods, Devils, and Gutenberg, 1996
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f.20.3 Ideas of Progress, circa 2001
f.20.4 In Search of Publication Outlets, undated
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f.20.6 In the Wake of the Printing Press, 1977-1988
f.20.7 Is the Printing Revolution and 18th Century Construct?, undated
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f.21.1 Old Media in the New Millennium, 2000
f.21.2 Old Media in the New Millennium, 2002
f.21.3 On the Fate of the Printed Word, 1996
f.21.4 The Persistance of the Past, 1993
f.21.5 Perspectives on Media Change, undated
f.21.6 Print Culture and Enlightenment Thought, 1980
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f.21.8-10 Print Culture and Enlightenment Thought, circa 1980-1981
f.21.11 Print Culture and Enlightenment Thought, 1985
f.21.12 Print Culture and Enlightenment Thought, circa 1985
f.21.13 Print Culture and Enlightenment Thought, 1986
f.21.14 The Printed WOrd as a Mode of Politcal Action, undated
f.71.3 Printing and the Permanent Renaissance, 1973
f.22.1 Printing and the Permanent Renaissance, 1974
f.22.2 Printing and the Permanent Renaissance, 1983
f.22.3 Printing as a Divine Art, 1994
f.22.4 Printing as a Divine Art, 1994-1995
f.22.5 Printing as a Divine Art, 1994-1995 [illustrations]
f.22.6 Printing as a Divine Art, 1995
f.22.7 Printing as a Divine Art, 2004
f.22.8 Proclaiming the End of the Book, circa 1995
f.22.9 Proclaiming the End of the Book, 2001
f.22.10 The Publicist as Demagogue, circa 1988
f.22.11 The Publicist as Demagogue, 1988-1992
f.23.1 The Publicist in Politics, undated
f.23.2 Rare book talk, 2007
f.23.3 Reactions to a New Medium in the Old Millennium, 2013
f.23.4 Remarks at the Evelyn Clark Memorial Service, 2001
f.23.5 The Role of Publication and the Rise of Modern Science 1974
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f.23.7 Seeing Images/Hearing Texts, 2008
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f.23.9 Some Perspectives on Media Change, 1996
f.23.10 Some Political Uses of Print, 1987
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f.23.12 The Two-Faced Printer, 2004
f.23.13 The Two-Faced Printer, undated
f.23.14 The Two-Faced Printer, undated [illustrations]
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f.23.16 When Our Old Medium Was New, 2014
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f.24.5-8 Memoir, circa 2010-2015
f.25.1-5 Memoir, circa 2010-2015
Miscellaneous writings
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f.25.8 Politics as Vocation, undated
f.25.9 Rebuttal to Robert Darnton, 1990
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f.28.4 The Book on the Islamic World, 1989-1997
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f.28.7 The Book: Past, Present and Future, 1997-1998
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f.29.8-9 Consortium on Revolutionary Europe, 1750-1850: Thirty-Seventh Annual Meeting, 2007
f.29.10 Cultural Transmission in Medieval and Renaissance Europe, 1987-1988
f.29.11 Cultural Transmission in Medieval and Renaissance Europe, 1988
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f.30.3 Culture et Revolution, 1987-1988
f.30.4 Defining Authenticity in the Digital Environment, 2000
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f.32.5 Hitory of Libraries and Culture in America, 1995
f.32.6 History of the Book: the Next Generation, 2000
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f.33.3 John Locke and the Political Thought of the 1680s, 1980
f.33.4 Legacy of George Mason, 1988
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f.33.6 Literacy and Social Change, 1981-1982
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f.34.1-2 Literacy in Historical Perspective, 1980
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f.73.1 Clippings, 1968-2013
f.73.2-3 Clippings, undated
f.67.1 Miscellaneous articles, circa 2013-circa 2014
f.67.2 Miscellaneous articles, undated
f.67.3 Miscellaneous printed materials related to Elizabeth Eisenstein, undated [book jackets, confernece programs, lecture announcements and posters]


Box 74-75 Date books 1962-2015
f.67.4 Photograph - unidentified, undated
Box 76 President's Distinguished Visitor medal - Vassar College, 1988


Box 67-68

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